In a World Without Real Food, I’d Rather Not Eat

When a futurist or science fiction writer envisions a world without real food, our descendants are eating some form of engineered meal replacement.  Like these Tony’s Turboz from Kelloggs:


These things are awful. Seriously. And I enjoy Bran Flakes.

Tony’s Turboz meal replacement is the first and only food designed with kids in mind to provide the balanced nutrients of an entire meal in one bowl. It is a source of 24 vitamins and minerals including an excellent source of calcium and an excellent source of iron; a good source of protein; contains 22 grams of whole grain; and it has a taste that kids love.

Ha!  Even my two year old can tell that this stuff doesn’t taste like real food.

In other news, Pop Tarts continue to be a manufactured food that does not taste like anything real, but I still enjoy them as a guilty pleasure once or twice a year.   Frosting for breakfast… mmmmmmm……


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