Search Can Be Sooo Much Better

Brad Goldberg manages the Live Search team at Microsoft.  Here are a few things he said in a recent interview with Robert Scoble:

Search has the opportunity to get a lot better.

No kidding!  Search is still a sloppy area.  There’s so much headroom for innovation.  I’m ready for somebody to really ratchet things up a level.  Tweaking relevancy is a baby step.

Microsoft thinks they’ve converged with Google on relevance.

That’s possible.  It’s pretty darn close.  I’ve been using Live Search as my default in Firefox and Launchy for a month or more now and I am usually happy with the results.  I can certainly show examples in which Google does better than Live, but I can also show examples when Live does better than Google.  Neither is anywhere close to perfect.  Far from it, actually.

Search will become a lot more task focused.  There are four types of tasks:

  1. Looking to be entertained
  2. Looking to buy something
  3. Looking for a piece of information / reference
  4. Looking to navigate from one site to another

Hmmm…  That sounds right to me.  Is anything missing?  Is socializing different from wanting to be entertained?

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