The Usability of No Results

Have you heard the expression "URLs are dead"? Web users don’t remember URLs anymore. We search for what we need. This is a boon for Google, Microsoft (Live), Yahoo, et al because they can sell advertising space beside the search results. Unfortunately the state of search on individual sites isn’t quite as evolved as the highly tuned general-purpose search engines.… Read more →

The Netbook Resolution Conundrum

I just had my first conversation about accommodating netbook screen resolutions for a RIA (Rich Internet Application) prototype. Netbooks are those little laptops showing up in every electronics store on the planet (e.g., Lenovo IdeaPad, Asus Eee PC, Acer Aspire One, Dell Mini,  HP Mini). According to The Channel Wire, the "netbook market grew by more than 160 percent quarter-on-quarter… Read more →

Google Flu Trends

This makes total sense once you hear about it:  Google has determined that certain search terms are good indicators of flu activity. So Google can use search term data to predict flu outbreaks. That’s cool and yet another creepy indicator of the scary amount of access Google has to trends in human behaviour. The closest state to me is… Read more →