Author: Derek Hatchard


Safety Nets for Professionals

I once encountered a small web development team that kept all its source code (Classic ASP) on a shared network drive. No version control. No organized backup. When someone was going to work on a file, he announced it verbally. If someone made a mistake that had to be rolled back, the sysadmin would grab the latest version of the… Read more →


Short Questions, Disproportionate Costs

Short questions destroy progress. They are the payday loans of the knowledge transfer economy: small, seemingly expedient transactions that frequently extract disproportionate costs. If you are a source of domain knowledge or the in-house expert on some technology or the original developer on a code base, you are an easy target for lots of small questions. If you get them… Read more →


Ending the Hiatus

Five years is a shamefully long blogging hiatus. It’s been long enough. I’ve set myself the goal of writing 12 posts this summer. In years past, I thought of as my venue for less technical writing and as the place I would post content intended for a more technical audience; but I don’t write enough to justify two… Read more →


Improve Your Wireless Signal

The hard core geeks know that to optimize your wireless networking experience you want to select a channel that is unused by other nearby wireless devices. If you run Windows 7 (or Vista), use the following command at the Command Prompt to see the channels and signal strength of nearby networks: netsh wlan show networks mode=bssid The channel numbers will… Read more →